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Fiberglass Pool Kits & Systems

  • Fiberglass Swimming Pool Kits
Our quality fiberglass swimming pool kits can provide your family with a beautiful, refreshing, energetic environment right in your own backyard. As soon as you have your own fiberglass pool you will begin to accumulate a mass of memories from year to year for decades. You can browse for a fiberglass pool kit by size: small, medium and large. Also, you can browse through different shapes off the side menu. To SHOP for one of our fiberglass pool kits go to our online store at shoprecreation.com and browse through all our fiberglass pool shell kits.

One of our Top Pool Area Builders is St George Pools; located in sunny Southern Utah. St George Pools not only offers our pools but full pool kit installation as well. St George Pools has been building pools for over twenty years, just have a look at their portfolio/gallery. If you'd like to contact St George Pools directly this is the direct link to their contact us page. Anyway, if you get a chance check out St George Pools!
Our fiberglass pool shells are hands down to best type of pool shells you can purchase, all you have to do is find the facts that are available and make the comparison. They are manufactured with 100% fiberglass matting laid across the entire pool shell (once you have gotten familiar with fiberglass fabrication, you will then understand that our fiberglass pool fabrication process is second to none). Our fiberglass pool shell kits are built to last with a legit 25-year structural warranty to back it up. See our testimonials and hear what our customers have to say about SeaGlass Pools. Also, check out our gallery of fiberglass pool kits.
One of the greatest things our fiberglass pool shell kits have to offer is a simpler installation process. If you are somewhat handy or know someone who is, installing a fiberglass pool is definitely the way to go. You will save thousands of dollars. For all of our complete DIY customers we assign an OPTA (Over-the-Phone-Tech-Assistant). An OPTA will be able to answer installation questions, give you pertinent tips on procedure and proper installation.
If you are not already convinced that one of our fiberglass pool kits is the best possible option then please consider one more thing, pool maintenance. Imagine yourself a few years down the road. You are still swimming just as happily as your were on day one. You have not had to drop a whole bunch of money to replace a liner or resurface. See Fiberglass vs. Gunite. You have kept your pool chemical cost and electric bill down. Why has everything worked out so excellently? Well, its because you decided to get a non-porous surfaced SeaGlass fiberglass pool. Our non-porous surface fiberglass pools offer three major advantages: 1) Pool maintenance is way easier (especially when you do not have to figure out how to clean algae and gunk out of all the pores and seems), 2) Pool up-keep and electrical costs are less, 3) You will be able to swim in your pool without having to worry about rubbing your knees, toes, fingers and whatever else raw. The low maintenance you get with a fiberglass pool really makes them dream pools.

Vinyl Liner Pool Kits

  • Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Kits
Our vinyl liner swimming pool kits can provide your family with a beautiful, refreshing, energetic environment right in your own backyard for the least amount of investment dollars for permanent type pools. Honestly, if you are a do-it-yourselfer and you don not want to spend the money for the best possible option (fiberglass pools) then a vinyl liner is a great option. For you, as the DIYer, you will only be paying for materials (not installation and such) and this is how you will turn your time into money (savings). All our vinyl liner swimming pools are made with top quality products and really make great family pools.
- See Liner Measurement Form here: PDF Measurement Form
- See Liner Patterns here: PDF Brochure

Pool Cover Kits

  • Swimming Pool Cover Kits
Our pool cover kits help protect your swimming pool, they help protect you and your family, they help warm up your pool water and they even help winterize. First, we have solar pool covers that help bring up the temperature of your pool water. Second, we have winter pool covers that help keep your pool protected by enclosing your pool for the winter season. Third, we have tension safety pool covers that locks down your pool for your safety along with winterizing your pool. Lastly, we have automatic safety pool covers that does all the functions of the other pool covers (all in one), and it adds an extremely easy flip of the switch to close or open your pool.

Shades & Structures Kits

  • Shades Sails and Structures
Our shade structures not only keep you cooler on a hot day they help protect you from the sun with a 95% or better UV blockage. We have shade sails that are eye-catching and easily maintained. We also have shade canopies of various sizes and styles. Along with our shades we offer a couple different types of enclosures. We have telescopic enclosures that extend a season all the way up to the next season. And, we have enclosure domes that are less expensive yet very effective in extending the season.

Spas - Hot Tubs

  • Portable Spas Hot Tubs
Our portable spas / hot tubs are built to last and designed for comfort. They are loaded with features and offer everything the popular spa / hot tubs owner would want. Dynamic hydrotherapy is the primary goal, it is boasted to be the heart of our spas / hot tubs. You will be able to choose from our traditional type spas / hot tubs and our high therapeutic swim spas. All of our spas / hot tubs can be found at ShopRecreation.com, our designated online store.

Pool Supply

  • Pool Supply
Our pool supllies are kept well stocked at each of our several hundred different supply houses. Because these supply distribution houses are spread throughout the US we are able to cover all of the states with ease. We have plenty of products to choose from. Here are the categories for our pool supplies: our first category is pool chemicals, second is pool heaters, third is pool pumps, fourth is pool filters, fifth is pool sanitizers, sixth is auto vac pool sweepers, seventh is pool maintenance and eighth is pool accessories. All of these products are found at ShopRecreation.com, our designated online store.

Quality Swimming Pool Kits/Systems & Recreational Products

SeaGlass Swimming Pools is proud to present the widest combined selection of above ground swimming pool kitss and inground swimming pool kits available. With us, you will be able to search through over a hundred different kit designs of above ground and inground swimming pools and spas. We also have an excellent selection of our other related pool product & kits (such as safety pool cover kits & shade structure kits and backyard accessories from bbq grills to outdoor furniture.

Our focus is on your backyard pool project. That's why our swimming pool kits will only have the best design and quality for you. With the undivided attention placed on each and every one of our swimming pool kits we manage to provide superior construction and design. From our two headquater locations (WEST), St. George- UT, and (EAST), Elloree- South Carolina, we provide products throughout all North America and provide installation help throughout the United States and Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Las Vegas NV, Phoenix AZ, Salt Lake UT, St. George UT as well. In fact we provide pool kits and many other recreational type kits for all areas in the mainland USA. Contact us today.

We build and install all types of above ground swimming pool kits and inground swimming pool kits such as fiberglass pool kits and vinyl liner pool kits. We suggest you research as best you can to find which type of inground swimming pool kit fits you and your backyard best.

We offer just about everything you could want to go with your above ground swimming pool kit or inground swimming pool kit. Some of our swimming pool kit related products are pool cover kits, outdoor furniture, shade structure kits, pond kits, bbq grill kits, fire pit kits and enclosure dome kits. And there are many more to choose from. You can also see them at ShopRecreation.com where you'll find just about everything you're looking for.

We offer swimming pool kits and our other related products in all of North America and anywhere, really. We also provide installation help such as (OIC) Onsite Installation Consultants and Kit Installers for above ground and inground swimming pool kits in Arizona, Nevada, California, Texas, Utah, Phoenix AZ, Las Vegas NV, Los Angeles CA, San Diego CA, Dallas TX, Houston TX, Salt Lake City UT, and St. George UT. Also, there are many other areas of the United States and Canada we will build pools. Look for your area here: Alabama Pool Kits, Alaska Pool Kits, Arizona Pool Kits, Arkansas Pool Kits, California Pool Kits, Colorado Pool Kits, Connecticut Pool Kits, Delaware Pool Kits, Florida Pool Kits, Georgia Pool Kits, Hawaii Pool Kits, Idaho Pool Kits, Illinois Pool Kits, Indiana Pool Kits, Iowa Pool Kits, Kansas Pool Kits, Kentucky Pool Kits, Louisiana Pool Kits, Maine Pool Kits, Maryland Pool Kits, Massachusetts Pool Kits, Michigan Pool Kits, Minnesota Pool Kits, Mississippi Pool Kits, Missouri Pool Kits, Montana Pool Kits, Nebraska Pool Kits, Nevada Pool Kits, New Hampshire Pool Kits, New Jersey Pool Kits, New Mexico Pool Kits, New York Pool Kits, North Carolina Pool Kits, North Dakota Pool Kits, Ohio Pool Kits, Oklahoma Pool Kits, Oregon Pool Kits, Pennsylvania Pool Kits, Rhode Island Pool Kits, South Carolina Pool Kits, South Dakota Pool Kits, Tennessee Pool Kits, Texas Pool Kits, Utah Pool Kits, Vermont Pool Kits, Virginia Pool Kits, Washington Pool Kits, West Virginia Pool Kits, Wisconsin Pool Kits, and Wyoming Pool Kits.